Geothermal Energy, Green Energy, Wind Energy

Greening Nevis Electricity Sector

Nevis, the sister isle of St. Kitts, is on its way to becoming carbon neutral in the near future. The two-island state is part of the Leeward Islands chain in the Eastern Caribbean. The small island of Nevis is home to a population of about 12,000 and it receives approximately 90 percent of its energy… Continue reading Greening Nevis Electricity Sector

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Potential in the Caribbean

As explained in the post geothermal energy is heat energy originating from beneath the earth’s crust. This heat is continually produced by the natural decay of radioactive materials such as uranium and potassium. According to the US Department of Energy, the amount of heat energy within 10,000 meters of the earth’s surface is 50,000 times more… Continue reading Geothermal Potential in the Caribbean