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Electrical Integration of Wind Farms

In this article, we will look at the integration of modern wind turbine generators (and by extension wind farms) into the electric power grids. Modern wind turbine generator Modern wind turbine generators (WTG) can be broadly categorized as either vertical axis or horizontal axis. The horizontal axis wind turbine design is much more efficient at… Continue reading Electrical Integration of Wind Farms

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Weighing in on T&T’s 10% RE Target

Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), has set an ambitious renewable energy (RE) target of 10% of installed capacity by 2021. This equates to approximately 200 MW given the combined installed capacity of the two islands is over 2000 MW of natural gas based power generation. T&T is the only nation in the western hemisphere, and the second in the world, that generates 100%… Continue reading Weighing in on T&T’s 10% RE Target