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Jamaica’s RE Near Term Outlook

The Jamaican electricity sector has seen its fair share of investment in renewable energy over the last two decades or so, to the tune of approximately US$360 million to be exact. Development to date: Jamaica has a long history of using its indigenous renewable sources of energy to generate electricity. This dates back as far as… Continue reading Jamaica’s RE Near Term Outlook

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Jamaica Increases its Hydroelectric Capacity

On March 26th (2014), the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSco) officially commissioned its 7.2 MW (mega-watts) expansion of the Maggotty hydro electric power plant – the single largest hydro development in Jamaica since independence.  This additionincreased the plant's total capacity twofold and like the eight previous installations, it uses a run-of-river hydro electric plant technology.… Continue reading Jamaica Increases its Hydroelectric Capacity

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Jamaica’s Hydroelectric Potential

Jamaica, the paradise island that is sometimes referred to as  “the land of wood and water,” has great hydroelectric potential due primarily to its many rivers, land topography and climate. Out of a list of 120 rivers, the Island has several rivers that are suitable for hydroelectric power generation. Hydroelectric power is power generated from water.… Continue reading Jamaica’s Hydroelectric Potential