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Island Electricity Market Liberalization

The Islands of the Caribbean are known to have some of the highest electricity rates in the world, with the exception of only a few. The following chart shows the average price of retail electricity across the region.  Thesecan be linked to, some extent, the existent of monopoly electricity markets in the region. The high… Continue reading Island Electricity Market Liberalization

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Jamaica Increases its Hydroelectric Capacity

On March 26th (2014), the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSco) officially commissioned its 7.2 MW (mega-watts) expansion of the Maggotty hydro electric power plant – the single largest hydro development in Jamaica since independence.  This additionincreased the plant's total capacity twofold and like the eight previous installations, it uses a run-of-river hydro electric plant technology.… Continue reading Jamaica Increases its Hydroelectric Capacity

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Solar PPA – the straw to break the supply monopoly

Over the past couple of years I have listened to cries emanating from all sectors of the society to break the monopoly held by the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) on the nation's electricity market. The Honorable Minister, himself, Phillip Paulwell, has echoed similar sentiments and has publicly underscored his intention to break up the monopoly -… Continue reading Solar PPA – the straw to break the supply monopoly

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JPS 2k13 Tariff Adjustment – impact analysis part 2

In this post, the sequel to JPS 2k13 Tariff Adjustment - impact analysis part 1, I will make good on my promise to provide detail impact analyses of the proposed 10.35% increase of JPS's non-fuel rates across the different class of customers. It turns out that in the submission to the OUR, JPS gave sample… Continue reading JPS 2k13 Tariff Adjustment – impact analysis part 2

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JPS 2k13 Tariff Adjustment – impact analysis part 1

This has never been done before, at least not by me! In this post I will attempt to break down and assess, for the purpose of the readers, JPS's Annual Tariff Adjustment Submission to the OUR (Office of Utilities Regulations) for an increase in the Non-Fuel Base Rates for electricity for the period June 1,… Continue reading JPS 2k13 Tariff Adjustment – impact analysis part 1

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XenogyRE – humble beginnings

The motivation to start xenogy really originated out of my love for and interest in energy - clean, renewable and sustainable energy - and thus the name. My primary interest in energy sprung from my love of physics and by extension electronics and electrical, all of which I was exposed to at Holmwood Technical High… Continue reading XenogyRE – humble beginnings


Compressed Air Energy Storage Technology

What is Compressed Air Energy Storage Technology? This is a form of large scale energy storage technology that is currently attracting the interest of technologists and researchers around the world. Called CAES for short, compressed air energy storage is accomplished by pumping air into underground storage chambers such as depleted gas wells or salt caverns.… Continue reading Compressed Air Energy Storage Technology


Energy Intensity Index

So what is Energy Intensity index exactly and why is it important? Energy intensity is a measure of energy conversion that is expressed as the amount of energy consumed per unit output. The energy intensity index (EII) is used to measure the efficiency of a country's economy and is expressed as the ratio of a nation's… Continue reading Energy Intensity Index


Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage Technology

Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage (PHES) is a form of energy storage technique that is based on the storage of a large amount of water at a high elevation. This is accomplished with two water reservoirs (artificial lake or sea) which are at two different elevations (pressure heads), by pumping water from the lower elevation to… Continue reading Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage Technology


Grid Level Energy Storage

Have you been wondering, like many, what is Grid Energy Storage and why is there so much talk about large-scale energy storage? Well, grid-level energy storage systems (ESS) are large-scale facilities used to store energy in one form or the other (electrical, chemical, potential, gravitational, etc) within an electric power grid. Energy is stored during… Continue reading Grid Level Energy Storage