Energy, Hydro Energy

Jamaica Increases its Hydroelectric Capacity

On March 26th (2014), the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSco) officially commissioned its 7.2 MW (mega-watts) expansion of the Maggotty hydro electric power plant – the single largest hydro development in Jamaica since independence.  This additionincreased the plant's total capacity twofold and like the eight previous installations, it uses a run-of-river hydro electric plant technology.… Continue reading Jamaica Increases its Hydroelectric Capacity

Solar Energy

Make ‘Electricity’ while the Sun Shines

In a recent post, titled solar basis, I gave a quick overview on solar energy and its conversion into other, more useful, forms of energy (e.g. electricity). In this article however, I will delve a little into solar electric systems. But before I jump into it, I will briefly recap from that article what I… Continue reading Make ‘Electricity’ while the Sun Shines