Wind Energy

REdiscover: Isla Turiguano Wind Park (Cuba)

The RE discover series continues....! In this article we venture to Cuba to rediscover the Isla Turiguano Wind Park. And for those of you who are geography enthusiast, the Isla Turiguano Wind Park is located on the Isle of Turiguano - an artificial island off the central northern coast of Cuba. Cuba is the largest Island in the Caribbean with… Continue reading REdiscover: Isla Turiguano Wind Park (Cuba)

Wind Energy

Cuba gone with the Winds

Cuba, the largest of the beautiful islands of the Caribbean - often referred to as the "Pearl of the Antilles", recently unveiled plans to embark on a massive wind power development project. The project will see the integration of eight new wind farms into the Cuban National Electricity Grid by 2020, projected to contribute 280… Continue reading Cuba gone with the Winds