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JPS 2k13 Tariff Adjustment – impact analysis part 1

This has never been done before, at least not by me! In this post I will attempt to break down and assess, for the purpose of the readers, JPS's Annual Tariff Adjustment Submission to the OUR (Office of Utilities Regulations) for an increase in the Non-Fuel Base Rates for electricity for the period June 1,… Continue reading JPS 2k13 Tariff Adjustment – impact analysis part 1

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XenogyRE – humble beginnings

The motivation to start xenogy really originated out of my love for and interest in energy - clean, renewable and sustainable energy - and thus the name. My primary interest in energy sprung from my love of physics and by extension electronics and electrical, all of which I was exposed to at Holmwood Technical High… Continue reading XenogyRE – humble beginnings