Cuba gone with the Winds

Cuba, the largest of the beautiful islands of the Caribbean – often referred to as the “Pearl of the Antilles”, recently unveiled plans to embark on a massive wind power development project. The project will see the integration Continue reading →


Wind Turbines get Lenses

An aerodynamic innovation in wind turbine design called the ‘wind lens’ could see the tripling of the power output of a typical wind turbine in addition to other advantages such as: Continue reading →

The missing link in renewable energy

MIT Professor, Donald Sadoway, presents the missing link in renewable energy: A grid level storage solution via a novel liquid metal batteries.


Apple’s Wind Energy Storage Soln.

Technology giant Apple Inc. has push the notch further with one of its later patent application, “ON-DEMAND GENERATION OF ELECTRICITY FROM STORED WIND ENERGY “. The intended objective of Apple’s proposal is to address the variability Continue reading →